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Sithonia is the middle peninsula – second leg – of Chalkidiki. It extends between the Toroneos and Sighitikos gulf down to the cape of Drepano. It is mainly a landscape of mountains and natural forests with the trees literally diving in the sea along a coastline of white round rocks and sandy beaches. Mediterranean climate, plenty of shadowy fields of pure nature suitable for relaxation, definitely a land to choose when planning to spend your summer holidays. Regional production of the best quality of honey, olive oil, and dairy products, will get you in touch with flavours to remember for life. Ideal for families, as there are lots of recreational activities someone can enjoy within a generally quiet and safe environment. Visit the villages and small resorts by the sea and taste the traditional greek cuisine with really fresh fish and seashells. Of all areas around, do not miss out to visit and actually feel the divinity of the real diamond in Sithonia, the Vourvourou bay and the complex of its islands.